Live, geosocial connection at your fingertips.
View or broadcast live, unaltered, news feeds from anywhere on the map!
~ Scan the map for exciting events in your neighbourhood or check out what the vibe is at your next vacation destination.
~ Filter and search the map by interests, date and time, or simply by location.
~ Browse customized pages with top rated news from near your home, where you are currently, or from all around the world.
~ Build your own Cool Spotz news page by adding a personalized selection of your favourite places.
~ Create your own StreetTeam by Tuning In to members that interest you and stay up to date on family, friends, and current affairs.

StreetFeed is all about people and connection. Tune in to people that interest you. View news from areas that interest you. Tailor your news pages to show news the way you want to see it. Connect with the world in real time.

StreetFeed Smile Challenge! Have you heard the news!? There are brightly coloured smiles popping up all around the world! These smiles are tucked away in random places to make people grin and feel warm and fuzzy inside! If you see one of these smiles (or if you just feel like joining in on the fun!) we have a challenge for you! Brighten someone's day in your own unique way and broadcast the details to StreetFeed. Tell us a little bit about your random act of kindness, include the hash tag #Smile, and share a photo from the location too! Note: You can also search StreetFeed for the hash tag #Smile to see other happy faces across the map! If you would like to join in on the fun by hiding your own Smile cards, contact the StreetFeed Team and we will send some your way! Simply log in to the StreetFeed app, go to Settings, and then hit Contact StreetFeed. Pop us a quick note with the title "Smile" and then wait for the fun to arrive! Please be sure to include your mailing address so the smiles know where to find you! ;) Keep smiling! ~The StreetFeed Team
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